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Special industrial fasteners and bespoke solutions

Rolevet manufactures and supplies hot forged and bar turned special fasteners to meet the needs of our diverse client base.

To find out more about solutions and materials we have supplied into specific industries, click through to the industries page.

Special fasteners to suit customers’ own requirements

    • Reverse engineering
    • To drawings
    • In all materials
    • In all thread forms
      • With additional testing
      • Heat treatment
      • Coatings

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Fastener Specifications

Bolts and setscrews
Hexagonal – Normal and heavy series to the following standards
ANSI B18 2.1.
BS 1083 1768 1769 3692
DIN 931 933 960 961
ISO 4014 4017
Socket screws
Socket screws according to
ANSI B 18.3
BS 2470, 4168
DIN 912, 913, 914, 915, 916, 6912, 7991
ISO 4762
Studbolts according to
DIN 975, 976
BS 4882
Engineer studs
Engineer studs according to
DIN 835, 938, 939, 940
BS 4882
Normal and heavy series according to
ANSI B18 2.2
DIN 934
BS 1083, 1768, 1769, 3692
ISO 4032
Flat, Tab, Spring, Lock according to BS, DIN, ANSI
* Errors & ommissions expected

Bespoke Solutions

We understand the complexities of developing industrial fasteners to meet the unique demands of clients in a range of industries, from the MOD and energy generation though to heavy engineering and ship building, and regularly produce fasteners based on client drawings.

Add to this our in-house manufacturing capabilities, which include hot forging, a general machine shop and CNC workshop to manufacture precision parts and we have what it takes to deliver industrial fastening solutions that are tailored to meet the demands of your specific project.

To discuss the commission of a bespoke fastening solution in a material to meet the specific demands or your industrial or manufacturing process, call us on 01902 421252.


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